Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

Minnie Daughter just started Brave up, and the opening music of course reminded me that my heart is doing an awful lot of wishing lately.

I'm sure many of you have have seen the new Disney contest- 31 days of vacations given away. Of course, I am hoping against hope that I'm lucky enough to win a vacation.

But if not, I'll keep plugging away and doing what I can to earn enough money to take my girls there. I wish my son wanted to go. He had the chance once- he spent a summer in Florida with his Grandpa. Grandpa offered to take him to one of the parks. He opted to go to Downtown Disney to the lego store.

The same Grandpa is planning to take Minnie Daughter for a summer. He says a whole summer. I have my doubts- she's not as easy to manage. Mouse Son at the time was more than thrilled to simply have a video game system, and computer access. He basically went by his own schedule the entire summer. Sleep during the day, game all night, make his own tv dinner.

I know Minnie Daughter will not be content doing that every day. She is very much active, and wants to do things a lot. I'm not sure Grandpa knows what he's in for. But, at the very least, he will offer to take her to Disney, I'm sure. And she will jump on that offer.

In the mean time, my goal is $300 for January. So far, I have $96 in my paypal account, with $25 in unpaid invoices waiting in my account. Not a bad start, given that it's only the 2nd.

Doing this will mean being strict with my money. I will have to say no to doing little fun things this summer. It will mean curbing back Christmas a great deal (which is not a bad thing). Besides, for my girls, I'm thinking new suitcases for Christmas (since they have none, and I only have 1).

Here's to dreaming and wishing.

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