Friday, January 11, 2013


I have already hit $400 for January, and have settled on my dates. As we are currently planning to drive down, my plans are to arrive in Orlando on Sunday, October 13th, and stay through the 19th- yes, 7 days!

Savings wise, my paypal took the $200 hit when I with drew the month for the down payment. I currently have $190 in there, and an additional $32 in unpaid invoices. This will make my total January savings up to $422.

We had originally planned to go down in April 2014. I have since revised that- my friend and her family wan to go in the fall, and we can drive together to save some serious dough. It doesn't hurt that they usually offer free dining during the fall, which again- saves some serious dough.

Going in the fall means one more thing. Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! When I went in February 2012 to WDW with a friend, I came back chomping at the bit to go back with my family. Our original goal was October 2013- first up, free dining. Next up, non-peak time. Lastly- HALLOWEEN!

We are a serious Halloween family. We love dressing up, we love Halloween parties, we love decorating. It's just a lot of fun.

It should be of no surprise then, that I'm already plotting our Halloween costumes.

Daisy Daughter will be starring as the Cheshire Cat. She loves all things Alice. We found a cute t-shirt on clearance last night- purple and pink stripes. Perfect for Cheshire. She already has some purple jeans. All that's left to find is a fun tail and ear set, and make a fun smile on a stick for her to carrry and use.

Minnie Daughter will be starring as Alice- she's also an Alice fan. What I need to do now, is settle on a costume. Do we go with Burton's Alice? Or Disney's Alice? I love the Burton dress. It's gorgeous! But it's easier to find handmade Disney's Alice. And for Disney, I'd prefer to go with something handmade. Store bought just looks cheap. I'm not against it, but not for Disney.

Princess Mom will be starring as the Queen of Hearts. I already found a woman who makes the Disney style dress in all adult sizes from measurements. It's $100, but I'm willing to do that. Besides, it's a costume I can use for years after.

$1900 down.
$3600 to go.

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