Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dreaming of Disney

In my life, I've been lucky enough to get to Disney twice. The first time, I was 17, and went with a large group of dancers. We were lucky enough to be selected to dance at Downtown Disney in the Magic Music Days of 1995. Yes, that gives you enough information to age me.

The second time, due to some unfavorable circumstances, I was able to accompany a friend down with her two kids in February of 2012. It was a far different world to an adult, than it was to a mostly unchaperoned 17 year old, let me tell you.

For my entire adult life, I have dreamed of going back. The trip in 2012 was enough to wet the taste buds. I had hoped it would be enough to appease my love of all things Disney. Sadly, it was not. It made it worse.

I want my children to experience Disney. I want to experience Disney with my husband. I want to be able to give them that iconic Disney experience.

I've created this blog for a few reasons. Mostly, I want a place to dream. But really? I think my kids and husband are sick of hearing me moon over the Mouse all the time. The main problem with me mooning over the mouse, is that I can't afford it.

Not only do we have 3 kids, all 3 kids are over the age of 10, meaning a trip requires 5 adult tickets, 5 adult meal plans, and a hotel that sleeps 5. That means a suite, or two rooms. Port Orleans offers rooms that sleep 5, but only if one of them is an actual kid-sized kid. Not an almost-adult-sized-kid.

With all the kids, and the husband, I have come to a few conclusions. Or, rather, concessions. Mouse-son is almost 14. He's autistic. He has a fear of flying. And he has zero interest in going to see Disney World. Zero.

Mouse-husband wouldn't mind going, but he's not passionate about it. He would go, or he would stay home- he doesn't much care either way.

But Daisy daughter  and Minnie daughter  are in LOVE with the Mouse. They moon over the Mouse nearly as much as I do. Nearly. Neither would be content to just never go. It's a mission with the Disney Ladies of the house.

So here's the laid out plan.

Daisy Daughter turns 18 in April of 2014. Princess Mom turns 35 the day before. That's 15 months away.

For this April, the cost would be $3030 for Air, hotel, dining plan, and tickets (with park hopper). I plan to earn $4000 between now and then, but at the very least, I plan to have this booked by October. Comparatively? Just over $6,000 for 5 of us to go with air, hotel, dining plan, and tickets with park hopper.

It will be a Birthday trip. It will also be during off-season, which will help Minnie Daughter- she, like Mouse Son, is Autistic. She has a lot of issues with crowded spaces and noise. She does really well at coping with them, and I think her love of all things Disney will be enough to keep her happy.

And, I have already experienced Disney with a child who is very Autistic like in many ways. My friends son has Sensory Integration Disorder- he has a very hard time with many of the same things Minnie Daughter has.

This is my Dis-peration board.

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