Sunday, January 13, 2013

Booking TOMORROW!!

Tomorrow, I plan to make my initial reservation. Here's what it will look like.

3 adults, 6 nights, 7 day park hopper - Port Orleans Riverside. This should be just shy of $2500. I don't plan to add in a meal plan just yet, though ultimately, I will have a table service meal plan- free or not.

I withdrew $200 from my paypal for it. Today is officially the 14th (even though it's 1am)- here is what I have in PP currently.

$300. This is after $200 was withdrawn to pay towards the vacation.

Here are my goals for January

Total of $500 in Paypal on January 31st. This makes my January earnings $700.

With my earnings, $400/month will go towards my Disney fund.
Anything over $400 will be split- $50 will go towards purchasing items for the trip (new swim suits, shorts, disney shirts, new {good} shoes for all 3 of us), gas gift cards, etc.

So for January, if I am able to hit $500, then I will put $450 towards paying off the trip. This will mean that out of $2500, I will have $650 paid down on it. SWEET!!!

I found a TA that will give me a $25 gift card for booking.

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