Disney Vacation Budget

Currently, my plan is to go for 5 days. I have 2 girls who are older- we can do more, and probably have less down time. Additionally, less character visits. I hope. Ultimately, my budget when I book, and how well I do at saving each month will dictate how many days we stay. Discounts and pincodes will also have a say in this.

All of our prices are subject to change, since there is an issue of being based on current prices and options.

Airfare: $250 x 3 - $750
Driving: $500 round trip

Coronado Springs with 5 Day Park Hopper: $2008
Coronado Springs with 5 Day Park Hopper, QS Meal Plan: $2459.37
Coronado Springs with 5 Day Park Hopper, TS Meal Plan: $2675.49

While the meal plan isn't always a money saver, I really would prefer to not have to worry about making sure money is set aside each day for each meal. Plus, there are a few meals I want to do table service- Breakfast at O'Hana (Lilo & Stitch are a family favorite!), breakfast before park opening at Crystal Palace, and a meal at 50's Prime Time (LOVED the food there).

Historically, free dining has been offered in October the past 3 falls. But, being the planner, I'm planning full price for everything.

This leaves the budget at a max right now of: $3400.

Items left to budget for:

Snacks/additional meals

Savings plan:

$1800/start up fund

This would put me at $4200 by October. Here's hoping!

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